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Providing low vision aids
and magnification products
to the professional world

Optical and low vision products for Eye-care Professionals, Vision Rehabilitation Centers, State Agencies, optical and dental laboratories
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Welcome to Tech Optics International

Featured Products:

Bed prism spectacles glasses

Adjustable & Reversible Bed Prism Spectacles Glasses 


Prismatic and Hi Plus glasses spectacles

Prismatic & Hi Plus Spectacles
Color Frames!


LED hand and stand magnifiers

LED Hand & Stand Magnifiers


Specialty loupes-medical-dental-science-laboratory Specialty Loupes
  - Medical
  - Dental
  - Science

Reading and high power reading glasses

Reading & High Power Reading Glasses
+4.00   +4.50   +5.00   +6.00


Bed prism glasses - lie flat and watch TV

Bed Prism Glasses
Lie flat in bed and watch TV


TV glasses

TV Glasses
Fit Over 10' to infinity with clarity


Bookstand with adjustable magnifier

Bookstand with Adjustable Magnifier


Low-Vision Products Chosen By Professionals

Tech Optics provides quality optical products for eye care professionals and your low-vision and visually impaired clients. We have 30 years’ experience manufacturing magnification aids and accessories for use by the optical industry, healthcare professionals, and government and state agencies.

Our products are specially designed to serve the needs of individuals experiencing impaired vision due to conditions or diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, night blindness, light sensitivity, glaucoma and other disorders. We also offer bed prism glasses and other vision tools that change the direction of sight for people with neurological disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and neck or back injury. These products extend the field of vision for people with limited range of motion or who are confined to their beds.

We have products for any vision range from digital microscopes for high magnification; loupes, magnifiers, spectacles, reading, computer and TV glasses for close-to-medium distance tasks; to binoculars, sport glasses and opera glasses for distance viewing.

Tech Optics products are sold through dealers worldwide and are available through their optical catalogs. We also sell direct to optometrists, ophthalmologists and other healthcare professionals through our optical catalogs and website. Some items may be substituted due to discontinuation by the manufacturer.

Tech Optics is a member-only company, but it is free to join. To view pricing you must first register on our site. Once your membership registration is approved you can log-in to our site to view pricing for all available products.

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