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Our magnifiers are optical quality, magnification devices for low vision, the visually impaired, those with macular degeneration, dyslexia, diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, other diseases of the eye, as well as back and neck pain, osteoporosis, arthritis or RA, and a number of neurological disorders. These high powered magnification products include: bar magnifiers, dome magnifiers, digital magnifiers, handheld illuminated and LED magnifiers, handheld and pocket non-illuminated magnifiers, linen testers, loupe magnifiers, mirrors, page magnifiers, pendant magnifiers, stand illuminated and LED magnifiers, stand non-illuminated magnifiers, TV and computer screen magnifiers, and bulbs.

Our magnifiers and other low vision products are used by optometrists, ophthalmologists, state agencies, VA hospitals, vision stores, nursing homes, schools, as well as photographers, printers, engineers and law enforcement, among others.

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Bar Magnifiers Handheld & Pocket Non-Illuminated Magnifiers Pendant Necklace Magnifiers
Computer Screen Magnifiers & Privacy Filters Hands Free Magnifiers Stand Illuminated LED Magnifiers
Dome Magnifiers Linen Tester Stand Non Illuminated Magnifiers
Electronic Digital Magnifiers Loupe Magnifiers Bulbs
Handheld Illuminated LED Magnifiers Page Magnifiers

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