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Loupes - Telescopes

All of our telescopes and loupes provide enhanced magnification and high resolution clarity to the low vision patient or otherwise visually impaired patient and those optometrists, ophthalmologists, vocational therapists, rehabilitation centers for the blind, VA hospitals, who treat them. Loupe variations include: visor loupes, frame mounted loupes, clip-on loupes, headband loupes, illuminated magnifiers, high resolution magnifiers, adjustable viewing angle magnifiers, fixed viewing angle magnifiers, clip on loupe lenses, enhanced magnifying readers, and frames that can accommodate a prescription. Our waterproof loupes and our LED lit loupes are unique to us. The waterproof loupes make cleaning and disinfecting a breeze. Our LED loupes are bright and adjustable, with up to 70,000 LUX. Additionally, we carry fit-over loupes, safety glass frames, loupes that can accommodate a prescription, and loupes with side shields to better protect the eyes. Our products provide independent living assistance to visually impaired patients, those with degenerative diseases of the eye, legally blind patients, and the professionals who treat them.

Browse the categories below to shop for Task Vision Loupes, Bausch & Lomb Magna Visor Loupes, Lite Site Loupe Visors, Magnifocuser Loupes, Megaview Loupes in many styles and types.

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