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Our low vision high plus aspheric lenticular and prismatic spectacles offer people with vision impairment the high power lenses they require for macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, or any other disease of the eyes, with the comfort and ease of specially designed glass frames. Our products enable people with low vision to maintain the quality of life necessary for independent living. We also offer high power readers and bed prism glasses as well as occluders. We stock prismatic spectacles, high plus aspheric lenticular spectacles, microscopic lenticular spectacles, reading glasses, monoculars, bed prism spectacles and adjustable/reversible prism glasses and many more types and styles of spectacles.

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Prismatic Spectacles +4.00 - +14.00 Spherical Lenses CR-39 Monocular: Spectacle Mounted & Clip On - Telescope / Loupes Lens only
Prismatic Spectacles HIGH INDEX 1.60 Spherical +4.00 -+14.00 Bed Prism Spectacles & Adjustable / Reversible Prism Glasses Frames only
High Plus Aspheric Lenticular Spectacles +6 -+20 Occluders Prescription - Form
Microscopic Lenticular Spectacles 6X - 12X Press On Prisms
Reading Glasses: Bifocal, Computer, High Power, LED, Clip-On Hemianopsia Reader & Peli Lenses

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