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Noir Filters & Sunglasses

NoIR filter systems offer ultraviolet, visible and infrared protection in fashionable, functional and affordable low vision eyewear designed to fit over prescription glasses.

These sunglasses use top and side shield protection on their absorptive lenses in order to manage the light that reaches the eyes and maximize functional vision. By reducing disabling glare (the number one problem for the visually impaired), and enhancing contrast, NoIR filters often increase mobility and provide relief from the light-sensitivity and discomfort related to most vision-impairing eye conditions.

All NoIR filters absorb ultraviolet radiation (UV A, B and C) to 400nm—radiation that is causally related to cataract formation. Many NoIR filters absorb additional visible light energy to provide a more comfortable viewing experience. This visible absorption protects the retina against long-term exposure to high-energy wavelengths, which are associated with the deterioration of the center of the retina and may contribute to macular degeneration.

Selecting the appropriate filter to minimize eye discomfort and maximize visual resolution requires balancing light sensitivity issues with appropriate filter color selection and is dependent upon the individual’s comfort requirements.

*Allow 2-3 weeks for Noir products

** Noir prices subject to change

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